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Session 5

                            As the last session of the conference, this session will attempt to summarize
                            the lessons learned, as well as to map out recommended next steps for all
                            stakeholders, in order to help move forward the global and regional agenda on
                            international cooperation on cybersecurity issues

             1100 - 1230    Summary and Recommendations

                            •  Lessons Learned: How can the ASEAN region efficiently move towards
                               (a) adopting a regional Cybersecurity Policy, (b) developing a legal and
                               normative framework on cybersecurity, as well as creating a rule-based
                               cybersecurity environment,  both independently and working together with
                               the international community
                            Next Steps

                            •  Dr. Suthad Setboonsarng, Chair, Audit Committee, Bank of Thailand
                            •  H.E. Ms. Arjaree Sriratanaban, Ambassador Attached to the Ministry of
                               Foreign Affairs of Thailand
                            •  Mr Nguyen Huu Phu, Director of Political-Security Division, Department of
                               International Law and Treaties, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam
                            •  Mr. Desarack Teso, Corporate, External & Legal Affairs Director, Microsoft

                            Moderator: Dr. Darmp Sukontasap

             Session 6

             1230 - 1300    Closing Remarks

                            •  Ms. Usana Berananda, Deputy Director General of ASEAN Affairs
                               Department, Thailand

             1300 - 1430    Lunch Break

                                                   End of Conference

                            Departure of Participants

                                                                                    INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON  15
                                                     “CYBERSECURITY: IMPLICATIONS ON PEACE & SECURITY IN THE ASEAN REGION”
                                                                                  10-11 MAY 2019, BANGKOK, THAILAND
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