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                                              International Conference on
                       “Cybersecurity: Implications on Peace and Security in the ASEAN Region”
                                      10-11 May 2019, Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok


                hreats to Cybersecurity is increasingly sophisticated, transboundary and multi-dimentional.
            T Cyberspace and Cybersecurity are now playing an increasingly important role in international
            peace and security, including in the ASEAN region. Cyberspace can be used to either strengthen or
            undermine peace and security of individual countries or of the overall region. For instance, at the
            regional and international levels, the Internet and social media are now widely used by extremist
            groups to recruit new followers across borders or even to signal attacks. At the national level, extensive
            studies revealed how the Internet and social media propaganda are being used to influence, distort or
            disrupt politics, as well as the peace and conflict management processes, in many countries, including
            those in the ASEAN region.

            At the same time, due to advancement in technology, critical infrastructure and digital economies of
            countries, as well as the livelihood of their citizens, have become increasingly vulnerable to various
            forms of cyber threats, some of which are suspected to be state sponsored.

            ASEAN Leaders see the need for ASEAN Member States to prepare themselves for the future and work
            closely with one another in working towards a common policy on cybersecurity.

            At the 32nd ASEAN Summit in April 2018, the ASEAN Leaders issued their first-ever statement on
            Cybersecurity Cooperation. In the Statement, the ASEAN Leaders reaffirmed the need to build closer
            cooperation and coordination among ASEAN Member States on cybersecurity policy development
            and capacity building initiatives, including through the ASEAN Cyber Capacity Programme, the ASEAN
            Ministerial Conference on Cybersecurity (AMCC) and the ASEAN-Japan Cybersecurity Capacity Building
            Centre, towards the promotion of voluntary and non-binding cyber norms, as well as the development
            of a peaceful, secure and resilient rules-based cyberspace that will contribute to continued economic
            progress, enhanced regional connectivity within and improved living standards across ASEAN.

            The ASEAN Leaders also recognised the need for all ASEAN Member States to implement practical
            confidence-building measures and adopt a set of common, voluntary and non-binding norms of
            responsible State behaviour in cyberspace, so as to enhance trust and confidence in the use of
            cyberspace to its full potential to bring about greater regional economic prosperity and integration.

            The ASEAN Leaders further recognized the value of enhanced dialogue and cooperation on
            cybersecurity issues with Dialogue Partners and other External Parties, and in other ASEAN-led

                                                                                    INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON  5
                                                     “CYBERSECURITY: IMPLICATIONS ON PEACE & SECURITY IN THE ASEAN REGION”
                                                                                  10-11 MAY 2019, BANGKOK, THAILAND
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