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enhanced dialogue and cooperation on cybersecurity issues with Dialogue Partners and other External
            Parties. More importantly, the Conference will also be in line with the activities agreed in the
            ASEAN Political-Security Community Blueprint which attaches importance to addressing issues of
            cybercrime and cybersecurity.


            This Conference is designed to support and complement the on-going efforts of existing ASEAN
            frameworks, platforms, bodies and mechanisms on Cybersecurity.

            The objectives of the proposed conference are:
                 1.  Promote better understanding about cybersecurity and its impact on peace, security and
                    conflict management in ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific region.
                 2.  Provide global and regional perspectives on how international cooperation and collaboration
                    on cybersecurity can be better managed for the benefit of all involved.
                 3.  Discuss global and regional perspectives on the emerging international legal and normative
                    frameworks on cybersecurity, especially the 2001 Budapest Convention on Cyber Crime, the
                    2015 Report of the United Nations Group of Governmental Experts on Development in the Field
                    of Information and Telecommunications in the Context of International Security (UNGGE), and
                    the proposed “Digital Geneva Convention” to protect cyberspace and how they can be applied
                    to the ASEAN region
                 4.  Discuss how to build closer cooperation and coordination among ASEAN Member States, and
                    beyond, on cybersecurity policy development and capacity building initiatives. And, to learn
                    from the experience of other regions in this endeavor.
                 5.  Discuss how to efficiently support existing ASEAN frameworks, bodies and mechanisms,
                    such as the AMCC, TELMIN and AMMTC, in their efforts to coordinate and to make progress
                    toward the creation and promotion of voluntary and non-binding cyber norms and rule-based
                    cybersecurity environment for the ASEAN region and beyond.
                 6.  Discuss possible recommendations on the above, which relevant
                    ASEAN bodies could consider adopting as part of their recommendations to relevant ASEAN
                    Ministers and ASEAN leaders for consideration.


            The International Conference on “Cybersecurity: Implications on Peace and Security in the ASEAN
            Region” is expected to be attended by representatives from ASEAN governments, ASEAN dialogue
            partners and other interested countries. Representatives

            from relevant ASEAN bodies, international organizations, businesses and non-government
            organizations, both within and outside the ASEAN region, are also expected to participate. Altogether,

                                                                                    INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON  7
                                                     “CYBERSECURITY: IMPLICATIONS ON PEACE & SECURITY IN THE ASEAN REGION”
                                                                                  10-11 MAY 2019, BANGKOK, THAILAND
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