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Buenos Aires, 23 August 2011



1. The 8th Meeting of the Politics, Culture, Education and Sports Working Group (PCES) of FEALAC was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 23rd August 2011.


2. The meeting was co-chaired by Juan Guillermo Castro, Colombia’s Director for Asia of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and Keun Ho Jang, Director General for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea.


3. The Meeting was attended by delegates from Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Uruguay, Venezuela and Vietnam, and Honduras as observer. The list of delegates is attached as Annex I.


4. In their opening remarks, the Co-chairs thanked the attendance of the delegates to the PCES WG  and stressed the importance of strengthening and deepening cooperation in the areas of Politics, Culture, Education and Sports between East Asia and Latin America.


5. The Co-chairs conveyed the Working Group’s appreciation for the excellent meeting arrangements made by Argentina.


6. The attached agenda was adopted.


Assessment of ongoing National Projects and Recommendations


7. The Meeting welcomed the ongoing National Projects and Recommendations of the following member countries: Argentina, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, Colombia and Singapore.



a.       Argentina: Sports as a tool for social inclusion

b.      Japan: Young Diplomats` Seminar

c.       Brazil: Football Coaching

d.      Indonesia: Latin American Studies

e.       Korea: Promotion of Traditional Sports

f.        Mexico: Educational links for Young diplomats

g.       Vietnam: Cultural Exchanges in Festival Hue 2012

h.       Thailand: Buakaew Roundtable International.

i.         Colombia: Exchange of Scholarship and Virtual Education, and;

j.        Singapore: FEALAC Journalist Visit Program.


Proposal of New National Projects


8. The Meeting welcomed future national projects presented by member countries: Korea, Venezuela, Colombia, Thailand, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia and Ecuador.


a)      Korea: Forum on Exchange of Popular Culture

b)      Venezuela: Scholarship on Integral and Community-oriented Medical Program

c)      Colombia: 2nd Conference on Sports as a social inclusion and 1st workshop on culture and disaster risk management

d)      Thailand: Annual International Training Courses (AITC), Buakaew Roundtable International 2012 and Workshop on Anti-drugs Cooperation.

e)      Brazil: FEALAC University Network

f)        Japan: Invitation and Seminar Program for young diplomats.

g)      Indonesia: FEALAC Film Festival 2012 and FEALAC Outreach.

h)      Ecuador: Iniciative for the creation of a virtual library for sport issues through the Cyber Secretariat


Discussion on Future Direction of PCES WG


9. The Co-chairs invited member countries to share main findings of National Projects they have implemented with successful results and encouraged to comment on future direction of National Projects.


The Meeting shared the following major findings:


-     Acknowledgement for Korea`s work in  launching the Cyber Secretariat

-     The importance of creating iconic FEALAC-wide Projects such as University Network proposed by Brazil

-     Leveraging on similar national projects to create FEALAC wide projects.

-     Utilization of the Cyber Secretariat for the new terms of reference for exchanging information and increasing the functionality of FEALAC

-   Argentina`s recommendation to utilize the Regional Development Banks as a financial mechanism for FEALAC PCES projects, and;

-    Discussion on implementing the  FEALAC Week.


Discussion of Future Co-chairs for the PCES WG


10. Argentina and Japan expressed their willingness to assume the Co-chairs for PCES WG respectively for Latin America and East Asia and the member countries supported the candidacy of both countries.


11. The departing Co-chairs expressed their appreciation for the member countries’ collaboration and thanked Argentina and Indonesia for their excellent arrangement of the meetings as Regional Coordinators.


12. The member countries expressed their appreciation to the Co-chairs for their work during the co-presidency.


August 23rd 2011

Buenos Aires





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