Diplomatic corps : GERMANY Diplomatic Corps

Diplomatic corps : GERMANY


The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

Chancery: 9 South Sathon Road,
Bangkok 10120
Tel: 0 2287 9000
Fax: 0 2287 1776 
Ambassador Office Fax : 0 2287 9079
Website: http://www.bangkok.diplo.de

Consular:   Fax: 0 2285 6232

Office Hours: Summertime (from March until October)
Monday - Thursday  07.00  - 15.40  
 Friday 07.00  - 13.00
Wintertime (from November until February)
Monday - Thursday  07.00 - 15.55 
Friday   07.00 - 13.00                         

National Day: October  03,  Day of German Unity  (1990)

      H.E. Mr. Peter Prügel 24.08.2015
      Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary  
    Mrs. Lucia Costantini Prügel  
      Mr. Jan Lars Christian Scheer 15.05.2017
      Minister Counsellor   
      Mr. Florian Nusch  
      Col. Matthias PFEIFER 18.05.2015
      Defence Attache  
      Mr. Petra PFEIFER  
      Mr. Michael Ballbach 01.04.2016
      Counsellor (Politic and Regional Affairs)  
      Mrs. Gabriele Ballbach  
  (Residence in   Dr. Johannes Christoph Klose 15.09.2015
  Jakarta)   Counsellor (Medical Service)  
  (Residence in   Mr. Manuel FURTWAENGLER 03.10.2011
  Singapore)   Counsellor (Scientific Affairs)  
      Mr. Jan Just Blezinger 16.06.2015
      Counsellor (Press and Cultural)  
      Mrs. Thi Phuong Chi Pham  
      Mr. Alexander Paul Christian NOWAK  04.07.2017
      Counsellor (Politic and Protocol)  
      Mrs. Phanthipha NOWAK   
      Mr. Andreas Guenter Hess 15.06.2016
      Counsellor and Head of Administration  
      Mrs. Anja Oloffs  
      Dr. Christine FALKER-GROßER 07.05.2014
      Counsellor (Economic and Commercial)  
      Mr. Andreas Hartmut GROßER  
      Mrs. Claudia Andrea EBACH  19.07.2017
      Counsellor (Food and Agriculture)  
      Mr. Dirk EBACH   
      Mrs. Ursula Lerbs 09.06.2016
      Counsellor (Consular and Legal)  
      Mr. Torben Lerbs  
      Mr. Christian EHRLICH 01.08.2016
      Second Secretary  
      Mrs. Angelika EHRLICH  
      Mr. Stefan Alexander VAN DER VALK 01.04.2013
      Second Secretary (Administration)  
      Mrs. Penpim VAN DER VALK  
      Mrs. Swetlana Martina Klement 20.06.2016
      Third Secretary ( Administration)  
      Mrs. Susanne Friederike HERDERICH 10.08.2011
      Third Secretary ( Administration)  
      Mr. Werner Artur Veit FROER  
      Mrs.Vera Angelika Clemens 02.06.2014
      Third Secretary  
      Mr. Ralf Matthias Clemens  
      Mr. Thomas Rudolf Winkelmann  10.05.2016
      Third Secretary (Consular)  
      Mrs. Susanne Winkelmann  
      Mr. Karl-Heinrich Helmut Ewald Herbert Adam 05.06.2015
      Third Secretary (Ecomomic and Commercial)  
      Mrs. Petra Maria Adam  
      Mr. Marco LORITZ     29.05.2017
      Third Secretary (Consular)        
      Mrs. Miriam Covi-LORITZ   
      Mr. Stephan Peter KOWITZ 20.06.2014
      Third Secretary (Consular)  
      Mrs. Prayathna KOWITZ  
      Mrs. Martina Claudia BARTKOWIAK 01.08.2016
      Third Secretary   
      Mr. Dirk Ruediger BARTKOWIAK  
      Mr. Jens MITTAG  03.07.2017
      Third Secretary  
      Mrs. Andrea Klara MITTAG  
      Mr. Eike Jochen Schroeder 13.05.2016
      Third Secretary  
      Mrs. Almin Madeten  
      Mrs. Julia BOHNENBERG 04.10.2016
      Third Secretary (Political and Regional Affairs)  
      Mr. Michael BOHNENBERG  
      Mrs. Fanny MEUSEL 10.06.2013
      Attache (Consular)  
      Mr. Bjoern MEUSEL  
      Miss Marie Josephine Vecchio 14.02.2017
      Mr. Ralf Matthias CLEMENS 02.06.2014
      Attache (Administration)  
      Mrs. Vera Angelika CLEMENS  
      Mr. Marco Oskar Konrad KLOETER 02.06.2014
      Attache (Consular)  
      Mr. Gerd REHM 08.08.2016
      Attache (Administration)  
      Mrs. Marissa Jeannette REHM  
      Mr. Dirk Ruediger Bartkowiak 08.06.2016
      Attache (Consular)  
      Mrs. Martina Claudia Bartkowiak  
      Mr. Markus Alexander Feiertag 07.06.2017
      Attache (Consular)  
      Mrs. Evangeline Feiertag   
      Mr. Torben LERBS 08.08.2016
      Attache (Administration)  
      Mrs. Ursula LERBS  
      Mrs. Anja Oloffs 16.06.2016
      Attache ( Consualr )  
      Mr. Andreas Guenter Hess  
      Ms. Sebastian TARCZYLUK 03.07.2017
      Attache ( Consualr )  
      Mrs. Heba Abdel NABI   
      Senior Master Sergeant Tom Stricker 17.03.2014
      Attache (Defence)  
      Mrs. Bianca Stricker  
      Mrs. Pamela Olsen-Riedlberger 01.06.2015
      Attache (Political and Regional)  
      Mr. Henrik Olsen-Riedlberger  
      Mr. Michael Kersten Bruhse 09.03.2017
      Attache (Administration)  
      Mrs. Petra NYBERG 30.04.2014
      Attache (Administration)  
      Mr. Richard John NYBERG  
      Ms. Aimee Winkenjohann 06.06.2016
      Attache (Economic and Commercial)  
      Mrs. Miriam  COVI-LORITZ 30.11.2016
      Attache (Defence)  
      Mr. Marco LORITZ  
      Mrs. Petra Maria Adam 06.06.2016
      Attache (Consular)  
      Mr.Karl-Heinrich Adam  
      Mr. Andreas Fichtner  26.06.2017
      Attache (Administration)  
      Mr. Rainer Peter Johannes Mueller 10.05.2016
      Attache (Administration)  
      Mrs. Kerry Margaret Muller  
      Mr. Dieter Brandmeier 16.08.2016
      Attache (Political & Reional Affairs)  
      Mrs. Jennifer Brandmeier  
      Mr. Frank Gnaschick 29.08.2011