Diplomatic corps : AUSTRALIA Diplomatic Corps

Diplomatic corps : AUSTRALIA



The Australian Embassy

Chancery: 37 South Sathon Road,
Bangkok 10120
Tel: 0 2344 6300
Fax: 0 2344 6593
E-mail: austembassy.bangkok@dfat.gov.au
Website: http://www.thailand.embassy.gov.au

Reception/Switchboard hours: 08.00 - 17.00 (Monday - Friday)  

Visa and Immigration Section: 08.00 - 12.00 (Monday - Friday) Tel: 0 2344 6400
Fax: 0 2344 6341

Consular Section: 08.00 - 16.00 (Monday - Friday) Tel:  0 2344 6455-7
Fax: 0 2344 6310

Austrade: 08.30 - 12.30 (Monday - Friday)
13.30 - 17.00
Tel : 0 2344 6333
Fax: 0 2344 6306

Political Section: 08.00 - 16.30 (Monday - Friday) Fax: 0 2344 6313

National Day: January  26,  Australia Day  (1788)


    H.E. Mr. Paul ROBILLIARD   03.11.2014
  Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary    
  Mrs. Hanan ROBILLIARD  
    Ms. Octavia Nicolette Rebecca BORTHWICK   09.03.2015
    Minister and Deputy Head of Mission    
    Mr. Michael John GAUDION   12.01.2015
    Minister - Counsellor    
    Ms. Lori Narelle SNOWDEN    
    Mr. Christopher Mark Wall   25.01.2016
    Minister-Counsellor (Immigration and Border Protection)    
    Mrs. Paula Wall    
    Ms. Susan Kahwati   22.08.2016
    Minister-Counsellor (Commercial)    
    Mr. Paul William Stewart    
    Ms. Ilona Catherine STOBUTZKI    09.01.2017
    Minister-Counsellor (Agriculture)    
    Mr. Simon FRENCH    
  (Resident in Jakarta) Mr. Shaun David Anthony   12.01.2015
    Minister-Counsellor (Treasury)    
  (Resident in Phnom Penh) Mr. David John NESS   09.01.2017
    Minister - Counsellor (Immigration and Border Protection)    
    Mrs. Malissa Margaret NESS     
    Mr. Christopher Chun Yew LIM   23.01.2017
    Counsellor and Consul - General    
    Ms. Haeyoung MOON     
    Mr. Philip Mark SHERIFF   16.11.2015
    Ms. Rebecca SHERIFF    
    Ms. Genevieve Elizabeth CLUNE   15.08.2016
    Mr. Bernard Joseph PHILIP    
    Ms. Helen Edith Cheney   23.06.2016
    Counsellor (Development Cooperation)    
    Federal Agent Darren John BOOY   03.02.2014
    Counsellor (Police Liaison)    
    Ms. Megan WEINGARTH    
    Mr. Ian Howard CARPENTER   21.04.2014
    Counsellor (Projects)    
    Ms. Rebecca PASSMORE    
    Ms. Alison Louise GARROD   09.02.2015
    Counsellor (Immigration)    
    Mr. Malcolm Alwyn GALWEY    
    Mr. Kieran Allan Bobert Butler   21.01.2016
    Counsellor (Legal)    
    Ms. Elizabeth Richter    
    Mr. Stuart Maxwell REES   01.08.2016
    Counsellor (Commercial)    
    Mr. Vincent Allan Shaw   07.11.2016
    Counsellor (Customs & Border Protection)    
    Mrs. Daia Shaw    
  ( Resident in Hanoi ) Ms. Kim Louise CLEARY   22.08.2014
    Counsellor (Education & Science)    
    Captain Christopher John Smith    24.09.2016
    Defence Attache    
    Mrs. Marika Katja Smith     
    Mr. Andrew Douglas CAVANAGH   02.09.2013
    First Secretary    
    Mrs. Louise CAVANAGH    
    Ms. Kirsten Louise FLETCHER   21.08.2014
    First Secretary and Consul    
    Ms. Tomiko Joan Yoshiko ROBERTS   05.03.2015
    First Secretary    
    Mr. Graeme James RAPHAEL    
    Mr. Luke Zachary McMichael   16.12.2015
    First Secretary    
    Mrs. Diana McMichael    
    Ms. Katherine Anne POHL   21.01.2016
    First Secretary (Development Cooperation)    
    Mr. Nicholas William Hantken Kitchin    
    Mr. James Gerard SMITH   27.01.2016
    First Secretary    
    Mr. Eric Daniel WAWRA   11.07.2016
    First Secretary    
    Mrs. Rachel WAWRA    
    Ms. Katy Chia-Ti LIN    17.08.2016
    First Secretary    
    Mr. Luke Alexander MORRISH    
    Ms. Katherine Angela TWOMEY   25.08.2016
    First Secretary    
    Ms. Ellen Anne GRANGER   28.09.2016
    First Secretary    
    Mr. Gerard Michael ANDREW    20.02.2017
    First Secretary     
    Mr. Joseph Hutcheson THORN    23.01.2017
    First Secretary (Police Liaison)    
    Mrs. Kate Elizabeth THORN     
    Mr. Matthew Piers NOBLE   12.01.2015
    First Secretary (Immigration)    
    Mrs. Caroline Marie NOBLE    
    Ms. Julie Frances Lewis   08.06.2015
    First Secretary (Transport)    
    Federal Agent Jodie Ann Hurley   25.01.2016
    First Secretary (Police Liaison)    
    Federal Agent Peter William Southwell   25.01.2016
    First Secretary (Police Liaison)    
    Mrs. Jessica Southwell    
    Ms. Tammie Patricia Dawes    14.02.2017
    Second Secretary and Consul    
    Mr. Ian David ROBINSON   16.04.2014
    Second Secretary    
    Mrs. Kristen ROBINSON    
    Ms. Judith Ann Tonkin   01.12.2014
    Second Secretary    
    Mr. Benjamin William FACKENDER   28.07.2014
    Second Secretary     
    Ms. Cherie RUSSELL    
    Ms. Tessa Sonja CARTER   12.01.2015
    Second Secretary    
    Mr. Adrian Michael CARTER    
    Ms. Genna Xaviera LEHMAN   12.01.2015
    Second Secretary    
    Mr. Dean Chapman     
    Mr. Troy Arthur James Fletcher   08.12.2015
    Second Secretary    
    Ms. Jessica Nguyen    
    Mr. Felix Bertrand Landman   04.01.2016
    Second Secretary    
    Ms. Jocelyn Perry    
    Mr. Mark Thomas Warnock   04.08.2016
    Second Secretary    
    Ms. Saskia Mariel Franceska Schuurmans-Stekhoven    
    Mrs. Sally Louise Leach   25.10.2016
    Second Secretary and Consul    
    Mr. Christopher Leach    
    Mr. Matthew David Connolly   06.12.2016
    Second Secretary     
    Mr. Simon John NOBLE   09.04.2014
    Second Secretary (Immigration)    
    Mr. Christian John Cannock   01.12.2014
    Second Secretary (Immigration)    
    Ms. Emily Kate Hughes   23.11.2015
    Second Secretary (Immigration and Border Protocal)    
    Mr. Owen Michael Huhes    
    Mr. David Donald Ginhong    14.02.2017
    Second Secretary (Immigration)    
    Squadron Leader James Mitchell WADDINGTON   17.11.2014
    Assistant Defence Attache    
    Ms. Alexandea Helen CULLUM    
    Ms. Rachael Louise Ratican   23.02.2015
    Third Secretary    
    Mr. Ryan Thomas Blundell    
    Mr. Christopher James Moc   12.12.2016
    Attache (Defence)