Press Releases : Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Thailand and Niue Media Center

Press Releases : Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Thailand and Niue

On 27 August 2013, Miss Yingluck Shinawatra, Prime Minister, signed the Announcement on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the Kingdom of Thailand and Niue (attached). The two governments also issued a joint press release as follows:


1. On Tuesday, 27 August 2013, the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand and the Government of Niue, in conformity with the interests and desire of the two peoples, have decided to establish diplomatic relations.

2. The two Governments have agreed to develop and strengthen friendly relations and cooperation between the two countries and peoples in accordance with the principles of equality, mutual respect for sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs.

Bilateral Relations

3. Both Governments reiterated that the establishment of their diplomatic relations will lay a foundation for further cooperation in areas such as trade and investment, education, technical assistance, as well as people-to-people relations.

Regional Cooperation

4. The Government of Niue recognizes Thailand as one of the key players in Southeast Asia as well as a strategic hub of the region. Niue looks forward to engage more closely with the Southeast Asian region and beyond. The Thai Government regards the Pacific region as a region of vast potential and reaffirms its commitment to promote closer collaboration with the region, particularly through the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF).  

Global Issues

5. The two Governments expressed their commitment to enhance cooperation in addressing global challenges, particularly poverty eradication, climate change, disaster management, food security, and sustainable development.  Both Governments underscored the role of South-South cooperation and the sharing of experience in tackling these global challenges.

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