Press Release : Thailand Re-Elected to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Council for 2020-2021 for the Eighth Consecutive Term news3

Press Release : Thailand Re-Elected to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Council for 2020-2021 for the Eighth Consecutive Term

On 29 November 2019, Thailand was re-elected to the Council of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in Category “C” for the term 2020-2021 at the elections held during the 31st Session of the IMO Assembly at the headquarters of the IMO in London.  Thailand received 127 votes out of the total of 165 votes casted (ranked the 16th) and is among the twenty countries elected for Category C. This is the eighth consecutive term which Thailand has served in the IMO Council, under Category “C”, since having been first elected in 2006. 

Addressing the IMO Council in presenting Thailand’s candidature to the Assembly, His Excellency Dr. Athirat Rattanaseth, Deputy Minister of Transport of Thailand as Head of the Thai Delegation, reaffirmed Thailand’s strong commitment to working in support of the IMO goals to make our oceans safer, more secure and cleaner for the global maritime community, including the promotion of shipping and port development in the context of global supply chain with a view to ensuring  thesustainable use of oceans as the most accountable transport routes for the promotion of global trade.  Thailand is determined to continue its proactive and constructive role in addressing marine debris, promoting maritime-related UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and bridging the partnerships between IMO and regional entities and groupings, especially the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), where Thailand stands ready to share its experiences and best practices with other regional countries to ensure effective implementation of IMO instruments for the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources in the way that “leaves no one behind”. 

The IMO is a specialised agency of the United Nations, mandated to promote cooperation among Member States in setting measures to improve the safety and security of international shipping and to prevent pollution from ships. It was established in 1959 and currently has 174 member states. IMO headquarters is in London, United Kingdom.

The Council is the executive organ of the IMO and is responsible for supervising the work of the Organization. It comprises forty member states, each serving a two-year term, divided under three categories: (1) Category A: Ten states with the largest interests in providing international shipping services; (2) Category B: Ten states with the largest interests in international seaborne trade; and (3) Category C: Twenty states not elected in either categories A or B  and which have special interests in maritime transportation or navigation Those electedto the Council will ensure the representation of all the major geographic areas of the world.

In addition to Thailand, other Member States elected to serve the Council under Category “C” are Singapore, Malta, Malaysia, Cyprus, Indonesia, Bahamas, South Africa, Mexico, Chile, Belgium, Egypt, Peru, Morocco, Denmark, Turkey, Jamaica, the Philippines, Kuwait, Kenya respectively.