Press Release : Response to certain views on the situation in the Rakhine State news3

Press Release : Response to certain views on the situation in the Rakhine State

Concerning reports from some Human Rights Organisations’ views regarding Thailand’s position relating to the unrest in the Rakhine State, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to make the following points:
1. Thailand is closely following the situation in the Rakhine State with concern and supports the ASEAN Chairman's Statement on this matter as issued on 24 September 2017.
2. The Royal Thai Government has always placed great importance to providing care and protection to Myanmar displaced persons in accordance with humanitarian principle, as evident in the 30 years of care and shelter that have been provided to the Myanmar displaced persons staying within Thai borders. Currently, there still remains of about more than 100,000 Myanmar displaced persons in Thailand. 
3. On the assistance provided to those who have been affected from the situation in the Rakhine State from October 2016, Thailand gave USD 200,000 worth of humanitarian assistance to the Government of Myanmar in January 2017 to help those affected by the violence in Rakhine. Following the most recent incident on 25 August 2017, Thailand will provide aid to Myanmar and Bangladesh. Each country will receive an amount of 5 million Baht (approximately USD 149,000) to help areas in Rakhine State, through the Red Cross Movement and the ICRC. Thailand will also provide mid-term and long-term assistance to ensure that a sustainable solution can be achieved to resolve the issue at the root cause.
4. Up until now, none of the affected victims from the August unrest in Rakhine State have been found in Thailand.