Press Release : Thailand's Humanitarian Assistance to Those Affected from the Situation in Rakhine State news3

Press Release : Thailand's Humanitarian Assistance to Those Affected from the Situation in Rakhine State

              Thailand has been following the situation in Rakhine State particularly the latest developments since 25 August 2017. Thailand shares the concern of the international community and views that as a priority humanitarian assistance should be provided to those affected on the ground both in Northern Rakhine State and in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh where there are reportedly more than 400,000 displaced persons.
              Thailand has pledged 5 million baht (approximately USD 150,000) as immediate humanitarian aid in Rakhine State to the Red Cross Movement, through ICRC, which is working closely with the Myanmar Government-led mission to help those in need in Rakhine State. In addition, we have also pledged 5 million baht via ICRC to those affected in Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh. 
Thailand stands ready to assist and support Myanmar to address the problem at its root causes by implementing the recommendations put forth in the Final Report of Advisory Commission on Rakhine State headed by Former UNSG Kofi Anan as quick nest steps.  We also support the ASEAN Chairman’s Statement on the Humanitarian Situation in Rakhine State issued on 24 September 2017 at the sideline of the 72nd UNGA. 
               Moreover, Thailand has consistently provided development assistance to Myanmar both in-cash and in-kind with an aim to improving the quality of lives of people affected, and will continue to do so through the existing bilateral and trilateral cooperation channels. During 2012 - 2015, the Royal Thai Embassy in Yangon implemented various projects to raise the well-being of people in Rakhine State, such as the donation of agricultural necessities and organizing business matching programme between local entrepreneurs with the Thai Business Association of Myanmar (TBAM). In January 2017, the Thai Government contributed USD 200,000 for immediate assistance to the Myanmar Government to help the affected people in Rakhine State.
  Thailand is also finalizing a 3-year bilateral development cooperation framework with Myanmar within the budget of USD 4.2 million. This framework mainly focuses on project – based development cooperation in the fields of agriculture, education, public health and economic development in Myanmar, including Rakhine State. At present, Thailand is undertaking the construction of Rice Mill and the renovation of a shrimp cultivation center in Rakhine State. Apart from bilateral cooperation, Thailand has also engaged in a tripartite cooperation with Japan and Myanmar on aqua-cultural training to improve the livelihoods of local communities in Rakhine State. 
  Thailand is also keen to share our expertise in promoting sustainable development through the guidelines from His Majesty the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP). Thailand believes that this could be one of the most practical development models for Myanmar particularly in Rakhine State.
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9 October 2017