Press Release : The Myanmar Delegation Visited the Golok River Mouth Improvement Project news3

Press Release : The Myanmar Delegation Visited the Golok River Mouth Improvement Project

On 29 – 30 November 2017, upon the invitation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Myanmar Delegation, together with its Thai counterpart, visited the Golok River Mouth Improvement Project in Narathiwat Province, which is an example of a successful form of cooperation at both local and international levels among neighbouring countries in terms of management of boundary river.

The Thai delegation, which composed of representatives from relevant authorities including Royal Irrigation Department, Chiang Rai Province, Tak Province and the Third Army Area, was led by H.E. Mr. Vasin Teeravechyan, Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vice-Chairman of the Thailand – Myanmar Joint Boundary Committee (JBC) and Chair of Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) and Mr. Chirdchu Raktabutr, Director-General of the Department of Treaties and Legal Affairs, Chairman of the Joint Technical Committee on River Boundary (JTC). The Myanmar delegation, which composes of representatives from relevant authorities, was led by Mr. Myo Tint, Director-General of the Consular and Legal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Chairman of SOM and JTC.

During the two days, the delegation visited Cableway Stations across The Golok River, where Thailand and Malaysia jointly measure and collect real time data, including discharge water level, with the objective of effective flood warning system, and the Golok River Mouth to see the river mouth protection project constructed in accordance with an agreement between Thailand and Malaysia. Both sides also discussed and exchanged ideas on the management of river boundary.

Thailand and Myanmar share approximately 2,401 kilometres of common land boundary, more than 700 of which is river boundary. Important rivers which form the boundary between the two countries include Kraburi river in Ranong province, Moei river in Tak province, Salween river in Mae Hong Son province,
and part of Mae Sai- Nam Ruak rivers in Chiang Rai province.