Press Release : Thailand Collaborates with INTERPOL to Arrest Illegal Fishing Vessel news3

Press Release : Thailand Collaborates with INTERPOL to Arrest Illegal Fishing Vessel

On 16 November 2018 Thailand was informed by the European Union that a fishing vessel registered as “O. SIRICHAINAWA 15” or “SIRICHAINAWA 15” was found fishing in Somalian waters. The relevant Thai agencies have conducted further investigations and found that it was a fishing vessel which once belonged to a Thai owner. The owner of the said vessel had reported to the Marine Department that the vessel had sunk off the coast of Samut Sakhon Province but had been unable to provide any wreckage for evidence. Consequently, the Marine Department withdrew the fishing registration of the said vessel on 16 November 2015.
Following the investigation of the competent agencies, the Royal Thai Police reported the details of the vessel to INTERPOL, an arrest warrant was then issued on 8 January 2019 asking INTERPOL member agencies to search and arrest this stateless vessel upon entry to any INTERPOL member’s naval territory. Moreover, Thai authorities will file charges against the original Thai owner for giving false information to the government authorities.
Thailand’s efforts in cooperating with the European Union and INTERPOL to arrest the illegal fishing vessel is further proof of Thailand’s commitment to continuously combating IUU fishing. The Thai government will continue to strictly enforce the laws against illegal fishing vessels, particularly those related to Thai people, with a view to preventing the owners from evading Thai fisheries laws and regulations by illegally fishing in other countries’ waters. This is the responsibility that Thailand adheres to as a “state party” to the relevant international agreements.