Embassy & Consulate News : Angels Wings Foundation gives away 50 scholarships to Thai decent youths news3

Embassy & Consulate News : Angels Wings Foundation gives away 50 scholarships to Thai decent youths

On 12 February 2020, Mrs. Pornthip Simon, Founder and President of the Angels Wings Foundation, had a meeting with Mr. Mungkorn Pratoomkaew, Consul-General of Thailand in Los Angeles, together with Team Thailand to discuss on the outreach of the Angels Wings Scholarship Project 2020 to the Thai community and possible cooperation between the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Los Angeles and the Foundation in various projects to promote education and strengthen sense of community.

Mrs. Pornthip Simon informed the Thai Consul-General about the Angels Wings Scholarship Project 2020 that opens opportunities for Thai decent students residing in the western region of the United States including California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington State, who are hard-working and determined to receive higher education, to proceed their study further in college or university level. The Foundation President also highlighted that this year would mark the 4th year of the project, in order to respond to the annually increasing interest of the Thai community and Thai youths in the west coast, the Foundation planned to give 50 scholarships to Thai decent students this year.

In this occasion, the Thai Consul-General expressed his admiration to the Angles Wings Foundation’s project and emphasized that the Royal Thai Consulate-General stood ready to support the Foundation in distributing information regarding application for the scholarship to Thai media and Thai community in the western region. The Thai Consul-General also exchanged information and views on the Consulate’s Thai American Friendship Project 2020 which aims to provide the 2nd generation Thai-Americans, who was born or grew up in the United States, with an opportunity to work as a volunteer in Thailand and, at the same time, to learn about Thailand in various aspects in order to strengthen bonds between the Thai youths and their home country. Furthermore, the Thai Consul-General also introduced students exchange project under the Young Ambassadors of Virtue Foundation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand which intends to promote the global outlook of Thai youths and encourage them to exchange and learn from their friendship schools abroad. In this regard, the Thai Consul-General expressed his readiness to further exchange information and cooperation with the Foundation for other projects in the future.

Angels Wings Foundation initiated the scholarship project for Thai decent students in 2017 with objectives to provide opportunity for higher education to Thai youths, as well as build up networking of Thai youths in the United States which would further help strengthen the Thai community. In 2017 the Foundation started the project by giving away 26 scholarships to Thai students residing in Los Angeles County, then increased to 31 scholarships to those in California State in 2018, and in 2019 expanded to 41 scholarships covering Thai youths living in 4 western states of the United States.