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would see destiny guide him to a second term in office. And
as the Senator from Illinois rose into the national spotlight,
many still believed that a Black Presidential Candidate on the
Democrat ticket in 2008 or soon after was not a realistic
or winnable circumstance. Many even within the Democrat
liberal circles were still stuck with the notion that time had
not yet come for a Black President to grace the White House
in the predominantly white America. How little did they know
that four more years of GW would convince a nation of the
desire for change.
A little over three years later, America had changed significantly,
while the issues at stack remained both domestic and
national security, it was no longer a choice between a strong
defense under the Republicans and a weaker option under the
Democrat. (Many even in America have not realized that most
wars the US got engaged with were actually begun under a
Democrat administration). Having been taken into the war in
Iraq, battling out the Taliban in Afghanistan, and moving forward
in what was viewed by the global community as unilateral
foreign policy with aggression and national interest in the
forefront. America under the leadership of G.W. Bush had lost
its credibility to lead the world. America, was seen as a bully
forcing its views and ideals upon others…prioritizing its war
against terror without consideration for even the voices of
concerns from its own allies.
Having stood on the opposing bench of the Senate while
Republicans continued its mockery of the domestic and
international affairs of America, Barack Obama would soon find