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Anne Kochaon
July 2009
Dedicating their own personal time for more than a
decade, a group of Thai environmental professionals residing
in the United States and Canada has been recently recognized
by the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice
their extraordinary work that has contributed to a significant
improvement to Thailand’s higher education in the environmental
field. This group of professionals, called the Environmental
Team or E-Team, is a member of the larger Thai non-profit
organization in the U.S. formally named the Association of
Thai Professionals in America and Canada (ATPAC). This
article features the E-Team members’ key contributions, which
have resulted in unquantifiable beneficial impacts towards the
improvement of environmental quality in Thailand.
Association of Thai Professionals in America and
ATPAC was founded in 1991 by a small group of Thai
scientists and engineers residing and working in the U.S. Its
primary goal was to use the knowledge and skills of Thai
professionals in the U.S. and Canada while promoting the
advancement of science, technology, and education in Thailand.
The Institute of Professional Environmental Practice (IPEP) is the independent,
not-for-profit certifying organization for the Qualified Environmental Professional
(QEP) and the Environmental Professional Intern (EPI) certifications. In June 2009,
the E-Team Chairperson (Anne Kochaon) received an IPEP annual award under
the category of International Collaboration and Coordination for the work that she
and the E-Team members have contributed to Thailand.