Congratulatory Statement on the Release of Additional Thai Hostages

Congratulatory Statement on the Release of Additional Thai Hostages

วันที่นำเข้าข้อมูล 26 Nov 2023

วันที่ปรับปรุงข้อมูล 26 Nov 2023

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received confirmation from the Royal Thai Embassy (RTE) in Tel Aviv that a second group of four (4) Thai nationals have been released from Gaza today (26 November 2023) and are being taken to the designated medical center in Israel for a check-up where the RTE will immediately contact their families in Thailand.

MFA extends its sincere congratulations to the families of the recently released today, including all parties involved in this latest development leading to the release of this second group of hostages.

In addition, RTE has received further information from the Israeli authorities that the number of abducted Thai nationals has increased by two (2) more people. This means that after the release of the second group today, it is estimated that there are still 18 Thai nationals abducted. The Thai government will continue to make every effort towards the safe release and return of those remaining Thai nationals.

As the hostages are being gradually released and have had the opportunity to speak with relatives in Thailand, MFA asks for the kind cooperation of the media who may have interviewed the relatives of the hostages not to publish it at this time as information regarding their detention which may be sensitive and affect the welfare of hostages who have not yet been released.

MFA is in the process of coordinating with the Israeli side regarding related procedures to bring all of our recently released 14 Thai nationals to Thailand and their families as soon as possible.