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To be a lead organization in driving Thailand’s foreign policy for the advancement of national interests


1.      Represent the Royal Thai Government in international conferences and negotiations to protect, maintain, and promote Thailand’s national interests in bilateral and multilateral fora, and to participate in the shaping of international principles and norms

2.      Oversee Thailand’s foreign policy and provide advice and recommendations to the government and other agencies on policies and strategies related to foreign affairs and international law

3.      Protect and promote legitimate rights and interests of Thai nationals living or traveling abroad, as well as provide consular services

4.      Promote and facilitate the transfer of knowledge, know-how, and best practices from overseas as well as international norms with a view to contributing to Thailand’s economic and social development

5.      Promote international confidence in, and positive image of, Thailand

6.      Perform protocol functions in line with international practice to support duties on foreign affairs

7.      Promote and implement Thailand’s development cooperation at bilateral and multilateral levels

8.      Build and disseminate knowledge on foreign affairs to promote understanding of all sectors of Thai society and the Thai public

9.      Coordinate the conduct of foreign affairs with all relevant sectors in Thailand

10.  Enhance organizational capability and effectiveness in accordance with the principle of good governance


Values: CARE


•  Be creative and take initiative at work

•  Be open-minded and willing to listen to opinions of others

•  Be flexible and ready to adapt to changes


•  Be responsible for one’s duties and organization

•  Work with dedication, perseverance, honesty, transparency, and accountability


•  Maintain credibility and be dependable for the public and other agencies on matters related to foreign affairs


•  Work with professionalism

•  Be committed to achieving successful results and efficiency

•  Uphold principles, integrity, and fairness


Strategic Goals

To enhance Thailand’s strategic position and national interests


Strategic Issues

•   In line with the current domestic, regional and global contexts, the conduct of foreign policy and diplomatic efforts by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs places emphasis on the following eight main areas:

•  Promoting relations with neighboring countries and countries in Southeast Asia

•  Promoting Thailand’s constructive role in the ASEAN Community

•  Enhancing Thailand’s relations with strategic partners

•  Playing a constructive and responsible role in the international community

•  Enhancing Thailand’s economic competitiveness and cooperation

•  Promoting international confidence in, and positive image of, Thailand

•  Promoting understanding and participation of all sectors in the conduct of foreign affairs and improving services for the public

•  Enhancing organizational capability