Electronic Passport

      - What is an e-Passport?
      - Why is an e-Passport better than a non-electronic Passport?
      - Application Process
      - Types of e-Passport and document required for application
      - Validity for e-Passports
      - e-Passport Pick-Up
      - Advice on your e-Passport maintenance

What is an e-Passport?

It is an electronic passport which contains technical specifications that comply with the standards set out by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It differs from a non-electronic Passport via to the following characteristics:


  • It contains biometric data such as finger prints and facial features in a contactless integrated circuit which is embedded in all e-Passports.
  • It is readable by the automatic gates at immigration checkpoints which automatically verify that the embedded information matches that of the bearer.

Why is an e-Passport better than a non-electronic Passport?

  1. e-Passports contain security features to prevent forgery which contribute to the international effort to counter transnational terrorist activities, illegal entry into the Kingdom, etc.
  2. e-Passports improve the verification process at Thai immigration checkpoints which facilitates traveling, entry into the Kingdom, and promotes tourism.
  3. e-Passports give the international community more confidence in Thai passports which boost the Kingdom’s image and economy by attracting more investors and tourists.

Thailand e-passports have been issued since August 2005. The previous model of Thai passport before August 2005 is still valid until expired date specified in the passport and extension of  the pre-model of e-passports is not allowed.




e-Passport Application Process


The applicant must apply in person because the applicant’s biometric data has to be captured via the following steps:

Step 1

  Take a queue 

  • Present the valid Thai Citizenship I.D. Card with the 13-digit Personal Number to the Office’s receptionist. If there is no 13-digit Personal Number, bring the House Registration together with other official documents. 
  • Take a queue number and fill in the applicant’s first name and last name in English together with date and place of birth and personal contact’s information.

Step 2

Capture the 
applicant’s biodata

  • An Office’s authorized personnel measures the applicant’s height, captures the applicant’s biometric data via taking the applicant’s picture and fingerprints (print right and left index fingers separately twice
    using a scanner).
  • Verify and sign to certify the applicant’s information.
  • Apply for postage service ( see e-Passport Pick-up)

Step 3

Applicant fee

  • Pay application fee and postage service fee.
  • Obtain receipt and notification of the e-Passport pick-up date or notification of postage service.





Application Fee

e-Passport application fee  : 1,000  Baht
postage service (EMS ) fee :    35  Baht


Validity for e-Passports

  • To maintain the quality and usability of e-Passports, the ordinary e-Passports are valid for 5 years.
  • No extension of validity will be granted and a new e-Passport will be issued when the current one expires.
  • Amendments to e-Passport  bearers’ information are not allowed (i.e. changes to the bearer’s name or surname) as corrections will create problems because they will clash with the information already captured in the embedded microchip.  Therefore, any amendments must first be reported to the Ministry of Interior before the bearer can apply for a new e-Passport.


e-Passport Pick-Up

  1. Applicants in Bangkok can pick-up their e-Passports 2 working days after the application date.
  2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has set up an automatic gate simulation at the Chaengwattana building so that applicants can practice using their e-Passports on an automated machine. The Ministry therefore urges applicants to pick-up their e-Passports in person so that they can familiarize themselves with the automatic gate system.
  3. If necessary, applicants may designate a representative to pick-up their e-Passports and /or request that their e-Passports be express-mailed to them.
  4. Applicants outside of Bangkok are required to apply for postage service which will take 5 – 7 working days for the e-Passports being express-mailed to them through EMS.

To pick-up e-Passports, applicants must bring their notifications of e-Passport pick-up date together with their Citizenship I.D.Cards and other applicable documents.           
Applicants who cannot come in person to pick-up their e-Passports can designate a representative to do the pick-up.  The representative must bring:
         (1) the notification of e-Passport pick-up date
         (2) the Citizenship I.D.Cards of the applicant and the representative
         (3) a certified copy of the representative’s Citizenship I.D.Card


Advice on Your e-Passport  Maintenance

  1. Do not make any marks, changes or amendments on the visa pages of your e-Passport.
  2. Do not peel, cut, append, punch holes or perform any other acts that would damage the cover of your e-Passport.
  3. Do not cut, bend, twist or perform any other acts that would crumple your e-Passport or change its shape.
  4. Do not keep your e-Passport near a magnetic field, an area with high electrical voltage, or an area with high radio frequency such as near cellular phones, televisions, or microwaves.
  5. Avoid placing a heavy object on top of your e-Passport.
  6. Keep your e-Passport in a cool, dry place.
  7. Avoid placing your e-Passport near objects that are higher than 50 degree Celsius in temperature, in direct sunlight for long periods of time, or in a place with high humidity. Do not allow your e-Passport near water or any places which contain chemicals or dust.
  8. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not be responsible for any of damages resulting from the aforementioned actions to your e-Passport.

For further information, please refer to our website at www.mfa.go.th and www.consular.go.th or contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or call us at 02-981-7257 to 60 during official work hours.