e-Passport Application for Thai Nationals Living Abroad 

      - Required documents for e-passport application while abroad
      - List of Thai Embassies and Consulates-general abroad



Required documents for e- Passport application while abroad

Types of e-Passport

Required Documents
(Applicants must apply in person at the Thai embassies /
consulates-general abroad )

1. Ordinary e-Passport

1.1 General Applicants
     1.1.1 Aplicant’s previous Thai Passport or a certified copy
     1.1.2 Thai Citizenship I.D.Card/House Registration 
which contains the 13-digit Personal Number
1.2 Applicants under 20 Years of Age
     1.2.1 Previous Thai Passport (If applicable)
     1.2.2 Birth Certificate or Thai  Citizenship I.D.Card/House Registration which contains the 13-digit Personal Number 
     1.2.3 Valid Passports or Citizenship I.D.Cards of applicant’s parents 
or legal guardian
     1.2.4 Applicant’s parents or legal guardian must appear and sign
the parental consent form
     1.2.5 If the applicant’s parents or legal guardian live in Thailand,
they can sign the parental consent form at the Passport 
Division, Department of Consular Affairs, Chaengwattana 
Road, Bangkok. However, if they are not in the Kingdom, they 
must sign the parental consent form at the nearest Thai 
embassy or consulate-general

Notes : 
- A child who was born to either or both Thai parents is qualified for Thai citizenship and is, therefore, eligible to a Thai passport.
- If a child was born to a Thai mother outside the Kingdom, the mother will have to notify the Thai embassy and/or consulate-general so that a Birth Certificate can be issued to prove that the child holds a Thai nationality.

- If a child was born to a Thai father who did not sign a marriage certificate with a foreign mother, he/she will be qualified for Thai citizenship by 
(1) the subsequent marriage of the parents 
(2) Legitimate Child Registration made on application by the Thai father 
(3) a court order on the legitimate child of the father.

2. Buddhist Monk 

2. Buddhist Monks
    2.1 an official letter from Sangha Supreme Council granting 
the applicant permission to travel abroad
    2.2 Buddhist monk identification card
    2.3 a copy of House/Temple Registration 
    2.4 Previous Thai Passport or a certified copy

3.Official e-Passport

3. Official e- Passport
    3.1 an official letter from the Office of Civil Service Commission or the applicant’s ministry granting the applicant permission to continue studying aboard.
    3.2 a copy of Thai House Registration or the Thai Citizenship I.D.Card
    3.3 applicant’s previous Official Passport


Additional Documents (If applicable) 
1) Change of Name Certificate
     - Required if an applicant’s current name or surname does not match 
that in the Passport or the amendments made in the Passport 
2) Marriage Certificate
    - Required if a female applicant has taken her spouse’s surname
    - Required if an applicant is under 20 and his/her mother’s surname 
does not match that of the applicant 
3. Divorce Certificate
    - Required if a female applicant’s surname has changed from the 
surname shown on her Passport due to a divorce
4. Memorandum of Divorce
    - Required to prove sole custody of accompanying parent if the 
applicant is under 20 years of age
5. Adoption/Legal Custody Certificate 
   - Required if an applicant is under 20 years of age whose birth 
parents had legally given up the applicant for adoption, or his/her 
parents are not married, and the applicant is in the father’s custody. 
6. Alien Certificate of the applicant’s parents (only for applicants under 
20 years of age)
   - Required only if the parents are aliens



List of Thai Embassies and Consulates-general abroad

************Important Notice and Warning to e-Passport Holders***********


  1. In applying for a Passport, it is illegal to use documents that belong to another person and/or forge your documents; these offenses are punishable under Thai Law.
  2. Applicants must apply for a Passport well in advance of their impending traveling date.  Applicants applying in Bangkok can pick-up their Passports 2 working days after the application date.  Applicants outside of Bangkok will receive their Passports by  express - mailing within 5-7 working days.
  3. Travelers who will leave the country for a long period of time should register with the Thai embassy or consulate-general at the country in which you are staying.  You must also notify the embassy or consulate-general of changes to your address so that they may contact you in case of an emergency.
  4. Your Passport is a valuable document and should not be possessed by any other person.  Thai nationals can only hold one Passport.  If you lose your Passport, you must immediately notify the Passport Division, local police, or the Thai embassy or consulate-general.
  5. Please avoid applying for a Passport at the beginning of the week (especially on a Monday) because there are many applicants during those days which slow down the application process.