Summary of Weekly Press Briefing on Thursday, 3 November 2022 at 11:30 hours

Summary of Weekly Press Briefing on Thursday, 3 November 2022 at 11:30 hours

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Summary of Weekly Press Briefing

Thursday, 3 November 2022 at 11:30 hours

Department of Information Meeting Room, MFA and via MFA Facebook Live


1. The 40th – 41st ASEAN Summits in Phnom Penh (10 – 13 Nov 2022)

  • PM will attend the upcoming ASEAN Summits and Related Meetings in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The ASEAN leaders willdiscuss with members of parliaments, youth representatives, and business figures. The 2nd ASEAN Global Dialogue will also be held.
  • Attaching importance to solidarity as key to a stronger ASEAN, Thailand aims to: (1) strengthen the ASEAN Community in preparation for common challenges; (2) build a sustainable future through the BCG Economy Model; (3) preserve regional peace and security; and (4) discuss regional and int’l developments with ASEAN as the center of future regional architectures.
  • The Summits are expected to adopt 26 outcome documents.
  • DPM/FM will participate in the 25th APSC Meeting and the 31st ASEAN Coordinating Council Meeting. The signing ceremony of the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia is also likely to take place for FMs of Spain and Ukraine.


2. Official visit of FM of Australia (1 – 2 Nov 2022)

  • During her visit to Thailand as Guest of MFA, Hon. Penny Wong, FM of Australia, had a bilat meeting with DPM/FM, discussing ways to strengthen ties and foster strategic cooperation.
  • Both sides signed the Joint Plan of Action to Implement the Thailand-Australia Strategic Partnership 2022-2025, based on the signing of the Joint Declaration on Thailand-Australia Strategic Partnership on 13 Nov 2020 by PMs of both sides. Areas of cooperation include security, trade and investment, and multisectoral development to promote collective economic recovery as well as sustainable and inclusive growth.
  • Both sides congratulated the 70th of the bilat relations and exchanged views on ways to enhance cooperation under the frameworks of ASEAN, Mekong sub-Region, and Thailand’s APEC host year.
  • FM Wong also called on the PM and DPM Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, underscoring efforts to counter human trafficking and promote multidimensional cooperation in the region.


3. Thailand donated additional humanitarian assistance to Sri Lanka (10 Nov 2022)

  • DPM/FM chaired the 2nd handover ceremony of donations to Sri Lanka, to provide assistance to the people of Sri Lanka affected by the economic crisis. The donations were received by Amb. of Sri Lanka to Thailand. MFA donated 14 million Baht through the UN, along with the 8-million-Baht donations of medical supplies and necessities from Thai business sectors and civil society organizations.


4. APEC Plate to Planet Competition (29 Oct 2022)

  • DPM/FM presided over the Plate to Planet Competition, a Thai cuisine competition under the APEC Future Food for Sustainability program, at CentralWorld. The event was joined by 21 finalists out of over 2,000 teams.
  • Plate to Planet was organized by the PRD to give young people an opportunity to present their future food menus in line with the BCG Economy Model promoted by Thailand as the host of APEC 2022. The competition also highlighted Thailand’s creative promotion of food security.
  • DPM/FM underlined Thailand’s strength in food security, praised the finalists, and tasted 21 dishes of the future at their booths.


5. The Royal Kathina Ceremony on the 50th Anniversary of Thailand-Bangladesh Relations (29 Oct 2022)

  • DPS Sarun presided over the Offering Ceremony of the Royal Kathina Robes graciously bestowed by HM the King at Binajuri Smashan Vihara, Chattogram, Bangladesh. The ceremony was headed by His Holiness Gyanasree Mahasthavir, Supreme Patriarch of Bangladesh Buddhists and Abbot of Binajuri Smashan Vihara. Participants included Amb. of Thailand to Bangladesh, MFA and RTE officials along with their spouses, Hon. Consul of Thailand in Chattogram, municipal representatives, and over 500 Bangladeshi Buddhists.
  • MFA has organised the Royal Kathina Ceremony in neighbouring countries since 1995 as part of its cultural diplomacy. This was the fourth occasion that the ceremony was held in Bangladesh as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Thailand-Bangladesh relations. Founded in 1880, Binajuri Smashan Vihara is one of the oldest temples in Chattogram. The monastery also houses social and educational institutions, namely a school and an orphanage.
  • The Royal Kathina Ceremony was warmly received by Thai and Bangladesh Buddhists, who were profoundly appreciative of royal benevolence in supporting Buddhism. The Royal Kathina Ceremony was a testimony to the deeply rooted bonds of friendship between the governments and the peoples of the two countries, based on common cultural heritage including a shared faith in Buddhism. Such donation amounted to 392,090 Baht (1,031,570 Taka).
  • After the ceremony, DPS Sarun and the RTE, Dhaka presented essential goods to the Binajuri Orphanage which nurtures over 30 children.


6. The UN Human Rights Office for South-East Asia (OHCHR) welcomes Thailand’s enactment of the Prevention and Suppression of Torture and Enforced Disappearance Act, 2022

  • The promulgation of this law is a critical milestone in combating torture, ill-treatment and enforced disappearances in Thailand. It includes provisions that will hold perpetrators to account under criminal law and incorporates key principles of non-derogation and non-refoulement, prohibiting officials from expelling, deporting and extraditing a person to another country where they may face substantial risks of torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or enforced disappearance.
  • The Act will come into force 120 days after its publication in the Royal Gazette on 25 Oct 2022.


7. Updates on the Itaewon incident

  • As of 2 Nov 2022, the incident took the lives of 156 people and injured 30.
  • On 1 Nov 2022, RTE, Seoul forwarded the message of condolence from His Majesty the King to the President of ROK. PM and DPM/FM also sent messages of condolence to President and FM of ROK respectively.
  • MOFA of ROK will provide financial assistance to the bereaved family to return the body of the Thai victim to Thailand.
  • RTE, Seoul wishes to advise Thai nationals to avoid crowded festivals during the season. For more information, please contact:
    • ROK Authority : 02 2199 8660
    • RTE, Seoul: 010 6747 0095 / 010 3099 2955


8. Protecting Thai victims of human trafficking in Finland (4 – 10 Oct 2022)

  • of Consular Affairs and RTE, Helsinki rescued and repatriated a group of Thai berry pickers who had entered Finland legally but eventually became victims of forced labor. Upon their arrival, the workers were provided with protection and assistance by relevant agencies.
  • RTE, Helsinki and Finnish agencies concerned collaborated to investigate and follow up the development of Thai nationals’ working conditions in Finland.
  • For more information on work opportunities abroad, please contact:
    • Regional MOL offices or Hotline at 1506 ext. 2
    • RTEs/RTCGs or DCA Hotline at 02 572 8442


9. Travel advisory in Brunei

  • RTE, Bandar Seri Begawan has warned Thai nationals in Brunei that those who overstay will face the following legal consequences:
    • Overstaying for less than 90 days will result in a fine of 600 Brunei Dollar;
    • Overstaying for more than 90 days will result in a trial, a sentence of 3 months to 2 years in prison, and a penalty by whipping.
  • It is highly advisable to strictly follow the law of the Kingdom to avoid any legal charges.


10. Dept. of Consular Affairs has expanded Thai e-visa services in more countries (1 Nov 2022 onwards)

  • E-visa services will be available at RTEs and RTCGs in: (1) Prague (2) Lisbon (3) Rome (4) Budapest (5) Bucharest (6) Athens (7) Madrid (8) Warsaw, and (9) Hong Kong. Currently, 38 RTEs and RTCGs offer e-visa services.
  • Those who wish may apply for e-visa at Once the visa is approved, the applicant will be notified by email and the proof of complete registration can be downloaded and printed out by the applicant themselves.


Q&A Session

  • Could you elaborate more on the official visit of Saudi Arabia as Guest of the Chair? Will there be a press conference?
    • Thailand has been preparing for this occasion at all levels. There will not be a press conference.


Weekly Press Briefing:


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